How to use your navbar

TIP: If you click on the logo at the top, it will re-direct you to the homepage!

Each function of the new navbar
Forums: You can either choose the portal view (the default view) or the forum view (the view with pucks!) under here
Help: Under here is help on everything you need to know about the site! The categories speak for themsleves.
Members: It will bring you to the members page, again, self explanatory
NHL Stuff: If you click on "NHL Stuff", it will re-direct you to
If you click on the arrow, you will find a list, links speak for themselves as to what they are!
Cap Central: If you click on "Cap Central" it will bring you to
If you click on the arrow, you will find a list of Upcoming UFA & RFA's, along with all of our teams' salary chart AND Cap calculator!
Our Teams: Under here is all of our regular users favorite NHL teams stats & schedules!
Archives, HOF: All of the sites archives are under there in links. They will open to a new page. Page 1 has the LATEST archives. The SFB HOF is some of the most epic posts that have ever been made on here!

Other: The MOST IMPORTANT of the bars. If you click on "Other" nothing will happen
Under the "Other" category is...

  • Log Out
  • Mark Forums Read
  • Your Inbox
  • Send a PM to any user you wish
  • Edit your profile
  • Edit your avatar
  • Edit your signature
  • View your PM's/notifications
  • And the sites statistics!


Logging in:
There are 2 ways to login now:
1. At the bottom of the screen, theres a quick login. Put in your info and wham, you're logged in.
2. Top right corner. Use your toolbar to login.

Lastly, I recommend that ALL OF YOU set your notifications to your liking. Click on "Notifications" in the top right corner, and click on the 1 link provided. Check off which things you want to be notified of.