How to use an over file-sized Gif as your Avatar *MUST HAVE AN IMAGE HOSTING ACCOUNT FOR THIS TO WORK*
  1. Select the gif you want, any size, save it to your documents
  2. Go to
  3. Click "Browse", select your file, and click on "upload". This will take awhile to load, so be patient
  4. On that site, you can crop your gif, while it contains it gif file. So if theres a bunch of uneeded background, you can crop it to your liking
  5. Resize the pic. You can have a Max Height of 215, and a Max Width of 200.
  6. Right click on the pic, and save it to your documents.
  7. Go to your image hosting account, and upload it there.
  8. Copy the url
  9. Go to Profile=>Avatar
  10. Where it says "Link to an off-site Avatar, paste the link into there
  11. Click on "Save", and wholla! You have your Gif avatar!

How to post a video:

  1. Go onto YouTube, go to the clip you want to share
  2. Copy the url at the top
  3. Come on here, click on the YouTube button
  4. Paste the link into that space, and press insert

Bam, you got a video!

How to post pictures:

Simple: Just right click on the image, copy it, and paste it on here! No need for url's or anything! Just copy and paste!

If you are on GOOGLE CHROME, OR a mobile device, like an IPad, IPhone, phone, you will need to copy the link, click on the "insert image" button, insert the url into it, and post!

How to post pictures from your desktop:

1. Click on the "host an image" icon that looks like this:
2. Click on "browse"
3. Select the photo you want, then press "Host it". Wait about 5-15 seconds for the url's to pop up, then copy the IMAGE url.
4. Paste the url into the message box, and you've got your pic up!

I hope this helped! cheers